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About Me

Simon Hamilton is English, has lived in France some 30-odd years, is a French-English interpreter/translator, with thousands of hours of market-research focus groups, IDIs, ethnos and so on under the belt.

His websites include:

Frogologue All about Simon Hamilton's work in market-research interpreting and translating
The Antonino Museum Projected museum for Brazilian painter Antonino
Francais hors de France A book on why the French should abandon their language and speak English (this one will be a walkover...)
Tallinn Streets An excursion into odonymy, or street names
Vocabulário Popular de Porto Velho A mini-dictionary of a Brazilian regiolect, with Beto Bertagna
Full Focus France English-language portal to market research service providers in France (due to unpopular demand, soon to be retired)
Petites Brésiliennes A 1000-page riff on Brazil, temporarily on the back burner

For more information, see Simon's profile on

Why this page? Vanity? No. Having recently been the victim of identity theft by someone wanted by various police authorities, he thought it was time to clarify who he is... and hence the "third-person" and rather heavy-handed repetition of his name.


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