Vocabulário Popular


Front Cover of Vocabulario Popular de Porto Velho Communication is one of the supreme triumphs of organic existence, ranging from tail-wagging in deer, hormonal bonding mechanisms in tadpole siblings, wing-waving dialects of drosophila or bees, through to the myriad languages and forms of writing, notation, intonation, incantation, poetry and precision that man as devised over the ages. Brazil is one of the world's great melting-pots of human experience, and Rondonia one of its rugged outposts. A land of rubber, hopes, misery and lies. Successive governments sent its unemployed with dazzing pictures of money growing on trees to a backland of mud and exploitation. Adventurers came, railway builders, with laborers from various countries, one goverment shipped a cargo of unwanted streetwalkers there, landless peasants staked claims, villages and towns sprung up around the latest gold- or diamond rush. And speech was left to fend for itself, blending native languages with gíria from the north-east, from Rio, from lack of communication with the outside world. Porto Velho has its own special slang and here, in part, it is: the Vocabulário Popular de Porto Velho.

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